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by Brian Friel

Concept design for set a tv drama adaptation of Brian Friel's play to be shot in the tv studio at the National Film School, Dun Laoghaire.

Model 1

Inspiration for the hedge school/barn came from a barn on my family farm.

It dates to the late 1700s and its contents are the result of generations keeping everything from broken machinery to a small nail believing it will come in handy one day.

My first design took the floor plan of the barn with very little change, only the addition of a fireplace and stalls. However, this design did not make practical sense for living in, as Hugo and Manus live above the school.

IMG_0291 (2).JPG


model 2

Although this part of the set is rarely mentioned in the script I believe it has potential for a tv drama. Figuring the design for this out also proved intrinsic to the design of the rest of the set. I moved the fireplace to below the loft with the beds beside the chimney stack to keep the area warm during the winter, and the living section of the barn together so the open area of the barn could be used for wintering livestock as well as hiding the hedge school

final design and model