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In Praise Of Me, You,
And All We're Going Through 


"Wherever you go, there you are"

A comedy about the transformative power of not having an iota as to what to do with yourself. Or something like that, probably.


A new play written by Conor Burke for the smock alley theatre's Scene and Heard festival

Set and costume by Aoibhe Rice

The play opens on Hannah and Noah in their therapist appointments, both struggling to navigate their early adulthood while being unable to shake old baggage from family and past relationships. Later, the two characters meet in the waiting room, only to discover they had been booked in to the same time slot, and their therapist was running late. Forced out of their routine, the they start up a conversation, and form a friendship neither was expecting.

design process

My intention with the stage was to create a liminal space, much like a waiting room, to reflect the transitionary period Hannah and Noah find themselves in. The placement of the chairs both isolate the characters on their own islands, and also facilitate a sense of space when the characters find themselves in the waiting room, and on their adventure to the park.



Directed by Sorcha Harris
written by Conor burke
cast Savana Bartual Smyth and Conor Burke
set and costume design by Aoibhe Rice
light and sound design by Freya Blendell
stage management by Jennifer Kilmurry
photography by Joan Doyal

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