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The Admirable Crichton
J.M. Barry

Conceptual design for Theatre

Minor Project for BA(Hons) Degree in Production Design for Stage and Screen

A satirical comedy which follows a group of British aristocrats who become stranded on a deserted island. Lacking any survival skills, their butler rises to become the leader as they attempt to recreate the social order they were so used to in England

Mayfair house (act i, iv)

Due to the performativity of these characters to their social roles and the subsequent change of hierarchy on the island, I wanted to use the theatre space itself to reflect this. Placing the performance in the Bouffe du Nord theatre in Paris, a theatre left to look like a “found” space, we transition from London, a tight space made as realistic as possible, to the island, using the full area of the decaying stage with a tree made to look like it was made from pieces of the theatre in an attempt to recreate the hierarchy of the theatre/London society

The Island (act ii, iii)

Model Details