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Concept design for stage and screen

A collection of projects where I explore character and costume as well as setting

The Rise and Fall of Mahagonney

Kurt Weill

An Opera about a city where all is consumed and nothing is ever made. Founded by 3 fugitives on the run from police, the self proclaimed  city of gold attracts many in search of happiness. They splurge their money on food, drink and girls until their money runs out, of which there is no greater crime.

A Midsummer Night's dream

William Shakespeare

This play centres around four Athenian lovers who cannot be together but, over one eventful night in a fairy forest where the King and Queen of the fairies, along with the cheeky Puck played, the lovers finally find their way to each other and gather the courage to tell their parents their desires.

For this project I focused on Act 4 scene 1; the four young lovers lie asleep in a clearing. Close by, Titania tends to the Ass-Headed Bottom who she has fallen for, under Oberon's spell. Oberon and Puck after a long night remove the spells placed on the six characters. They are soon awakened by the horns of the Athenians who have come searching for the four young lovers


Tom Stoppard

An abstract radio drama commissioned by the BBC in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd's "Dark side of the Moon". The piece follows Psychology student Emily as she makes her way through a world of thought experiments. Helped along by a host of characters, she questions what is goodness and human kindness, what is the just answer to an ethical dilemma, is there even a right answer?

The piece is underscored by Pink Floyd's Darkside of the moon

I developed a mood box as a way to communicate my emotional response to the text

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