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Model Making

Scaled down set models

Duke of Milan Pub Sign

A 1:1 model making project I undertook where I designed a pub sign inspired by old British pubs. The name was randomly generated. The image of the serpent eating the child comes from the legend of the biscione, the Visconti family and Gian Galeazzo who ruled Milan. I constructed the piece using blue poly foam, plywood and finished it using acrylic and spray paint, and gold foil.

Abandoned building face

1:25 scale model of abandoned building face as an exploration of stone and brick texture
Mount board and acrylic paint

Colonial-Georgian door

1:25 model of Colonial Georgian door inspired by the Potts house at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where George Washington set up headquarters during the American Revolution

I followed measurements found in Measured Drawings of some Colonial and Georgian Houses by Donald Millar to create an accurate model

Mount board and acrylic paint

old attic loft

1:25 scale model of old attic, containing only two walls in order to accommodate access for cameras etc. The attic contains a trap door, a mezzanine floor as a second layer to the set and a dormer window that can be seated in, with access to an unkempt hip roof