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Late Night Talk Show

3D model using Autocad

 This set is made of two sections; an area A where up to 6  guests join a presenter to discuss the weeks topics and an area B where a second presenter is located for handoffs and media displays. 

The 6+2 set is designed for Studio 5 at RTE, Donnybrook.

I used the bell tower at Trinity College, Dublin as inspiration for the architecture of the set

First sketches and floor plans

Final Rendering

I refined the design by turning the pillars into smaller LED panels that surround the area A platform and lowered the canopy to the ground to create a better sense of space. I removed the wall behind area A and joined it to the textured wall behind area b. However this meant the entrance would be stage left rather than centre. I chose chairs instead of couches as they looked like statue plinths for the guests to debate and discuss topics from.

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